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How it works

Look how easy using our designated driving services can be!!!

Step 1: Call us before you go out and let us know that you will be requiring a designated ride home for the night. All calls that come into our dispatching centre are all serviced on a first come first serve basis. To avoid not being able to get a designated ride home ride home, please schedule in advance as early as possible. When you call us we will gather as much information from you, so our drivers know who they are picking up and where to find you at your requested pick up time

Step 2: Enjoy your party

Step 3: : A team of 2 will come to get you and your vehicle to the assigned pick up address. One driver will drive your car, while the other one follows. If you have friends to drop off along the way, we will drive them too no problem.* (additional charges may apply).

Step 4: Our job is to get you and your vehicle home safe. Our drivers will then leave and go to their next appointment.

How It Works...


to arrange your ride. We get you and your car home sefely
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Ontario Designated Drivers Inc. Goals are……

Lessen the numbers of impaired driving accidents and fatalities on our roads.

Try to educate people of the dangers of drinking and driving stats in Ontario and on our local streets

Introduce companies throughout the Greater Toronto Area to our designated driving services and show them how they can take preventable measures when alcohol is served during Christmas Parties, Golf Events, Award Night ect....

Start franchisees all over the province of Ontario this is you sent goals