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News Room

Below are some recent and interesting news articles about impaired driving cases throughout Ontario. Many of these drinking and driving cases are happening here on our streets in both Toronto and the Durham Region. This proves we still have a major problem and some people just aren't getting it. They are driving drunk, taking the chance, and endangering the lives of others.

Burlington Skyway crash: Driver charged with impaired driving - CBC -Aug 01, 2014
Toronto cop fined, has license suspended after fleeing drunken accident, prompting a manhunt -The StarJul-Jul 8 2014
Van driver in Sunday’s fatal crash on the QEW charged with driving drunk -Wheels-May 6, 2014
Teen accused of drunk driving in fatal Brampton crash -CityNews-June 01, 2014
Drunk driving suspected in Mississauga crash-CityNews-April 20, 2013
Woman charged with impaired driving after fatal Oshawa crash-CityNews - Nov 20, 2013
Oshawa woman charged with drunk driving causing death-DurhamRegion - Nov 19, 2013
Drunk driving charges in crash that cut power to Oshawa homes -DurhamRegion- Mar 06, 2014
Driver who caused 'horrific' highway crash facing drunk driving charges- Sun News -5:53 pm, May 6th, 2014
http://www.torontosun.com/2013/04/12/man-convicted-of-drunk-driving-in-crash-that-killed-wife-Toronto Sun -April 12 2013
http://toronto.ctvnews.ca/victim-of-don-river-crash-remembered-as-outgoing-student-1.1217174 -CTV News-April 1, 2013
http://www.thestar.com/news/crime/2013/03/18/six_years_for_killing_mother_injuring_daughter_in_eid_crash -The Star-March 18th, 2013
Drunk driving blamed in deadly crash on Mount Pleasant-April 3 2012
Drunk driver killsMarch 19 2012
Man jailed seven years for impaired fatal crash -March 23 2012
Accused in fatal car crash granted bail-April 5 2012
Impaired driving charge laid after car drives into Lake Ontario -The Star-Thursday February 23, 2012
Impaired charges in Gardiner accident-CBC News December 18, 2011
Man faces impaired driving charges after collision with Peel police cruiser-The Star Sunday January 15, 2012
Taking it to the streets: Durham RIDE Team battles drunk driving-Durham Region December 28, 2011
Durham Region December 28, 2011-Durham Region-December 21, 2011
Oshawa man faces drunk driving charge after crash with ambulance--Durham Region November 22, 2011
Ramara man charged after cruiser rammed
-Durham Region February 14, 2012
Brampton Drunk Driver to be sentenced CBC News June 1, 2011
Cyclist speaks out following drunk driving crash-City TV January 9, 2012
Video Cyclist speak out after man sentenced in drunk driving crash
Impaired: The drunk driver profiled-The Spec Friday September 30,2011
Ottawa convicts fewest drunk drivers in Ontario-Ottawa Citizen December 19, 2011
Toronto R.I.D.E. anti-drunk driving spokesman driven home from work, apparently intoxicated-National Post February 15, 2012
24th drunk driving offence a Canadian record?-Toronto Sun Wednesday February 22, 2012
Drunk Driver unwittingly drive to Canada-Toronto Sun Thursday 23, 2012
Man charged with drunk driving twice in 24 hours-CBC News January 25, 2012
Judge overturns dangerous driving conviction for man who drank after crash - Sep 23 2014

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