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Pubs and Events

Majority of the alcohol liability cases have been against commercial hosts, such as bars, restaurants and any place of business that serves alcohol for profit. The commercial host has an obligation not to serve alcohol to an intoxicated patron and have an added standard of care in determining if their patrons have a safe ride home, and not driving while drunk.

To help keep our roads safe Ontario Designated Drivers Inc. has come together with the local bars, restaurants and night clubs etc… in the areas that we operate to ensure we are available when they need our services. Follow us here on our website and Twitter to see where we are headed next.

How It Works...


to arrange your ride. We get you and your car home sefely
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Ontario Designated Drivers Inc. Goals are……

Lessen the numbers of impaired driving accidents and fatalities on our roads

Try to educate people of the dangers of drinking and driving stats in Ontario and on our local streets

Introduce companies throughout the Greater Toronto Area to our designated driving services and show them how they can take preventable measures when alcohol is served during Christmas Parties, Golf Events, Award Night ect....

Start franchisees all over the province of Ontario this is you sent goals