Corporate Industry

Ontario has some of the strictest rules about alcohol in the world. At Ontario Designated Drivers Inc. we understand that drinking any amount of alcohol and driving a motorized vehicle is too much. Drivers with a BAC (Blood Alcohol Count) above 0.05 and below the legal limit are 7.2 times more likely to be in a fatal collision than drivers with a zero BAC. That’s equivalent to one alcoholic beverage.

At Ontario Designated Drivers Inc. our mission is to provide designated driving services to the corporate industry. We are not a taxi service, but an alternative way of people getting home with their car. We also want to educate the corporate industry about driving under the influence when alcohol is being served at company events.

Measures for safe drinking like drink tickets, hotels and taxi services are taken by many companies. The problem with many of these measures is that they don’t always work for everyone and this leaves many at risk. Alcohol affects everyone differently and the liability for many companies can be avoided, if the right precautions are in place.

At Ontario Designated Drivers Inc. we will ensure your staff and their vehicle get home safe if you “Let us do the driving”.