How it works

Step 1:

Call and arrange a designated ride home at your requested time and location

Step 2:

Call us 30 days before your scheduled event.

Step 3:

Once we are aware of the event date and time. We will send a general email that must be sent to all your staff members, so we know approximately how many drivers will be needed

Step 4:

Enjoy your event!!!

Step 5:

We will be there outside of your event @ your assigned time to drive your employee’s home, when they are ready to leave. We will always have a few extra on standby in case any last minute staffers decide to drink last minute.

Step 6:

Your employees get home safely with their cars.



Ensuring your staff and their vehicle get home safe.


  • Lessen the numbers of impaired driving accidents and fatalities on our roads
  • Try to educate people of the dangers of drinking and driving stats in Ontario and on our local streets
  • Introduce companies throughout the Greater Toronto Area to our designated driving services and show them how they can take preventable measures when alcohol is served during Christmas Parties, Golf Events, Award Night ect….
  • Start franchisees all over the province of Ontario this is you sent goals