Impounding Services

“Ontario’s Vehicle Impoundment Programs are aimed at making the province’s roads safer. In Ontario, drivers who operate a motor vehicle while under licence suspension can face one of two kinds of impoundment: Vehicles driven in Ontario by persons apprehended for driving while their licence is suspended for a Criminal Code conviction will be impounded for a minimum of 45 days;

Effective December 1, 2010, drivers caught driving with a driver’s licence that is already under a specific Highway Traffic Act (HTA) suspension(s) – including default of family support, but not including suspensions for defaulted fines or medical conditions* will have the vehicle they are driving impounded for seven days.

Also effective December 1, 2010: Impoundments for:
Drivers required to have a vehicle ignition interlock device and who are caught driving without such a device; and All drivers caught with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) over 0.08 or who fail/refuse to comply with a demand (to provide a breath sample) made by a police officer under the Criminal Code of Canada (CCC).
These are in addition to the existing 7-day impoundment for drivers engaged in a race, stunt or contest on Ontario’s roadd.

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Police Impound Services

At Ontario Designated Drivers Inc. we can help you remove your vehicle if it has been impounded by the police!!
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Express Impound Prevention Program

It never hurts to ask, but in some instances the police may allow you to call us to come get you if we can get there before the tow truck reaches you!!
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